• General issues

  • What is the main activity of RuizCoin project?

    Our company operates in the highly profitable and rapidly growing field of cryptocurrency. Digital money has become a real financial and technical breakthrough - many experts call coins on the blockchain “the money of the future”. Today, you can earn profit on this investment tool. This field of activity is available for everyone.

  • Do I have to register on the site for cooperation with your company?

    An important condition for cooperation with the project is to go through the registration procedure on our official website. This will allow you to access your personal account, through which all investment actions will be carried out.

  • Do I need to provide my documents for cooperation with RuizCoin?

    We understand the desire of our clients to remain anonymous, so we simplified the procedure of cooperation to the maximum possible level. To create a deposit and make a profit, you do not need to visit our office or provide any personal documents. Interaction with the project will be carried out exclusively through our investment resource with full confidentiality.

  • What information is required during registration?

    To create an account you will need to specify the minimum data so that we can identify you in the system. You will need to register your login (name in the project), email address for contact and set a strong password.

  • Can I register several accounts at once on the fund's website and use them for investment?

    If necessary, any client of our company can create multiple accounts, , but after coordination with technical support of the project.

  • Does your project have VIP membership?

    Yes, it does. If the total amount of your investments exceeds $ 5000, then you automatically get into the VIP Club.

  • What are the privileges of VIP membership?

    Each VIP investor will have access to more attractive investment offers, as well as the opportunity to participate in various drawings and receive valuable prizes and gifts.