Important information

Rules and Agreements

Terms of Use, listed below, regulate cooperation between the RuizCoin project and its clients. Therefore, before registering and carrying out investment actions, familiarize yourself with the listed provisions of these Terms in detail.

1. General provisions

1.1. By registering on the project site, the participant confirms that he is fully familiar with the Terms of Use, understands them and undertakes to comply.
1.2. The company cooperates only with adults and eligible participants.
1.3.The listed terms apply to all project participants equally.
1.4. The provisions of these Terms are subject to change at any time without notifying participants. Therefore, users undertake to familiarize themselves with the current version of the Terms.
1.5. Registration on the RuizCoin website does not oblige the user to make a deposit.
1.6. The company cooperates with individuals and legal entities. Private clients must be registered on the site personally, cooperation with legal entities is carried out through an intermediary who will register and will perform all the necessary investment activities.
1.7. Hacking an account due to the participant specifying an unreliable password is the user's fault and in this case, claims are not accepted.

2. Users rights and obligations

2.1. During registration and cooperation with the project, the user undertakes to indicate only reliable information about him, as well as notify the administration about changes to this information.
2.2. Any project participant has the right to create multiple accounts in case of necessity, but after coordination with technical support of the project.
2.3. Investors have the right to choose a payment system from those listed by the company, and also to invest any amount, if this does not contradict the conditions of the project's investment offer.
2.4. The user has the right to participate in the affiliate program or ignore this opportunity for earnings.
2.5. The project investor is fully aware of the risks incurred by the investment. Therefore, when investing money in RuizCoin, he is solely responsible for the consequences of the decisions made.
2.6. The project participant undertakes not to provide login data of personal account to third parties and is fully responsible for the consequences that may result from the disclosure of this information.
2.7. The company's clients undertake to use only personal funds in the process of making investments.
2.8. The project participant can use various methods of advertising his affiliate link in order to attract new partners. At the same time, the management of the RuizCoin project has a very negative attitude towards spam and does not advise using spam to attract partners.
2.9. The site user undertakes to provide a valid email address during registration, otherwise only he is responsible for the late receipt of information.
2.10. All registered RuizCoin members are eligible to participate in promotions and competitions of the project.
2.11. The investor decides on the number of active deposits and the amount of invested funds.
2.12. The registered user has the right to participate in the affiliate program regardless availability of the deposit in the project.
2.13. The user has the right to contact the project technical support service to receive an answer to a question about the work of RuizCoin, as well as to solve the problem during the investment and financial transactions.

3. Company rights and obligations

3.1. The company undertakes to provide uninterrupted access to the investment resource and ensure reliable and secure data transfer.
3.2. The company undertakes to fully comply with the conditions of cooperation with investors in the declared amount.
3.3. Cooperation with investors is carried out only in accordance with the conditions laid down on the project website and in its Terms. No individual conditions of cooperation are provided.
3.4. The company has the discretion to use the funds received from investors in order to increase them. At the same time, project specialists undertake to minimize possible trade risks.
3.5. The company reserves the right to block user accounts that violate the terms of the project. In particular, we track multi-accounts and block access to them without the right to restore.
3.6. We undertake not to transfer personal information about users to third parties.
3.7. The company does not charge any fees for operations and has no relation to the commission fees of the payment systems.
3.8. The company is not responsible for the actions of investors who may violate the laws of the country of residence in the process of cooperation.
3.9. The company is not responsible for the lack of access to the RuizCoin website due to the fault of your Internet provider.
3.10. Project organizers can change and supplement the current investment offer or the terms of the affiliate program. In this case, all registered users will receive notifications to the email address specified during registration.
3.11. The company reserves the right to block accounts and accounts of participants who intentionally denigrate RuizCoin's reputation or mislead potential investors with regard to the work and solvency of the fund.
3.12. The company has the right not to process the request for withdrawal of profits from the user, if the request is not created correctly.
3.13. Requests of project users to the administration and technical support service, as well as other facts of interaction between the participants and representatives of RuizCoin can be saved and used to resolve disputable situations. The company has the right not to warn about the preservation of this information.

4. Final provisions

4.1. The investment resource is the intellectual property of RuizCoin, therefore any copying of materials is prohibited and punishable by law.
4.2. The parties are not responsible for non-compliance with the provisions of these terms for reasons beyond their control. In the case of objectively existing obstacles of force majeure, non-compliance with the situation will not entail any consequences.
4.3. Users, who carry out investment activities through the RuizCoin website, should understand that the project's profit depends on the success of its activities. If the company's transactions will cause losses, this will be reflected in the earnings of investors.
4.5. The use of user information and the protection of confidential data are fully set out in the RuizCoin Privacy Policy, which is mandatory for project participants to familiarize with.
4.6. In case of detection of the existing terms violations by other participants, as well as unauthorized access to your account by third parties, we strongly recommend that you report such facts to the project administration via the feedback form.
4.7. Any changes to the existing terms take effect from the moment of publication and apply to all registered users, regardless of whether they are aware of such changes or not.